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Defensive Driving Video Course

Attending an accident prevention class is usually an inconvenience. The online course was obviously a huge breakthrough in giving drivers flexibility and convenience. We have once more taken a huge step forward. The online course will now be available as a Streaming Online Video Course. You will receive all of the rewards of the standard text based program without any of the monotonous hours of reading. This Streaming Video Course is provided by I DRIVE SAFELY and has been authorized by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Once you have concluded the 6-hour course, you will be shipped your certificate of completion. Submit your completion certificate to your car insurance provider to obtain your car insurance discount. I DRIVE SAFELY will electronically notify the DMV of your successful completion of the course. The DMV will then make a not on your motor vehicle report and reduce up to 4 points from your record.

New York Defensive Driving - Streaming Video Course

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has approved the Streaming Video Course for insurance discounts and violation point reduction. The video course is an entertaining alternative to the traditional text-based defensive driving program. While the traditional course is far superior to attending a classroom, the video course has removed the eye strain that one needs to endure with the online text-based course.

The Video Course is developed to make the experience of completing a Point and Insurance Reduction Program more pleasurable. Loaded with video and computer animation, this removes the tediousness from the defensive driving class.

The program is split into several easy to complete sections. Every section is designed to provide you with the information important to becoming a safer driver. Several of the subject areas you will become familiar with include:

• Driving laws specific to the state of New York

• Defensive driving methods

• How to deal with difficult driving circumstances

• The various perils of driving under the influence

Along with getting violation points reduced from your drivers license, you will also earn a 10% car insurance reduction. In New York State, insurance companies are required to supply this premium reduction for any driver that takes a DMV authorized Defensive Driving Course in New York.

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Defensive Driving Video Course Department of Motor Vehicles Approved! Online NY Defensive Driving