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New York Insurance Discount Course

Did you know that New York State has some of the highest insurance rates in the country? There is a bright side though. Anyone who completes a 6-hour defensive driving course in New York is guaranteed to receive a 10% discount on their liability and collisions coverages. Yes, it is guaranteed! It doesn’t matter if you attend the traditional classroom course, take the online text-based course, or the new video course. As long as you complete a DMV-approved program you will receive this discount. We can make this guarantee because New York State law requires car insurance providers supply you with this discount. This discount will last for 3 years.

Getting Your Discount

Once you have completed the course, you will be mailed an Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) certificate. To receive your discount, simply provide your car insurance company with a copy of your certificate. For most insurance companies, a fax copy of you certificate will suffice. Once they have received your certificate, they will apply the discount to your policy retroactive to the date you completed the course. In some instances, your insurance company may require that you provide them with your original certificate. Once they have viewed the original and applied the discount to your policy, they will mail your certificate back to you.

Additional Benefits

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has conducted studies on the effectiveness of the online defensive driving program. According to the DMV reports, drivers who take the online defensive driving course:

1. Have fewer traffic accidents

2. Receive fewer traffic tickets

Having fewer accidents means that your chances of being seriously injured in a collision are decreased. After all, the most important thing is your safety. The ultimate goal is to avoid all accidents but there are times when adverse road condition are beyond our control. This course helps you prepare for these adverse conditions and teaches drivers how to avoid potential collisions.

Although the course is not designed to teach students how to drive, it is designed to teach drivers accident prevention techniques and serve as a refresher course.

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